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Amalgam Separator w/Install Kit

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After a brief hold to review, the Environmental Protection Agency released it’s ruling on June 14th, 2017 on new standards requiring dental offices to use amalgam separators to reduce the amount of mercury in the environment. This applies to offices practicing dentistry where amalgam is removed or placed and discharged to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) 

PureWay™ Eco II+ Install Kit – This advanced amalgam separator supports up to 10 operatories.  Requires no maintenance, offers simple, quick installation and is compatible with dry and wet vacs. Includes multiple components to accommodate different size hosing connections ranging from 3/4 inch to 1.5 inch. Combination body design includes foundation bracket versatile wall or floor options, ensuring easy access to check the fill line and utilize space efficiently.   Manufactured by Metasys. 

Mfg. Part #: 51002

Features include:

·       Multiple components to accommodate different size hosing. 

·       Engineered to ensure no loss of suction, works with all vacuum systems.

·       Free access to compliance portal for online tracking of documents, iPhone & Android documentation capabilities allows your office to be environmentally friendly.  

·       Visible fill-line located on canister meets EPA’s filing requirements. 


·       ISO 11143 certified (99% filtration efficiency).

·       Pre-vacuum installation accommodates up to 10 chairs. 

·       Compact design: 8.7" x 8.7" x 13.8", Combination design offers simple pass-through technology. 

·       Works with wet and dry vacuum systems

·       Per EPA and FDA mandate replace every 12 months (item 233-0028) to receive the Certificate of Recycling, available online 24/7via online portal. 

Replacements canisters available as well as Installation Instructions <-- Click Here!

*NOTE:This product is shipped by PureWay Compliance, Inc.

*NOTE: Contact us at 866-783-3155 for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico


*NOTE:This product is shipped by PureWay Compliance, Inc.

*NOTE: Contact us at 866-783-3155 for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico

  • No disruptive vacuum loss! Engineered to ensure no loss of suction
  • Easy installation
  • Flexibility to work with almost any vacuum system
  • ISO 11143 certified (exceeds ISO standards at 99.3%)
  • Pre-vacuum installation: up to 6 chairs and a tandem option for up to 12 chairs
  • Compact design: 8.7” x 8.7”x 13.8”
  • Works with wet and dry vacuums
  • Easy replacement available - required every 12 months or once full
  • Installation Instructions available <-- Click link to download

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