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Human Resources Training Bundle

Building a Culture of Anti-Bullying for Employees
Building a Culture of Anti-Bullying for Managers
Complying with the Red Flag Rules
Controlling Violence in Healthcare
Ethics in the Workplace for Employees
Ethics in the Workplace for Managers
Preventing Workplace Discrimination & Harassment for Employees
Preventing Workplace Discrimination & Harassment for Managers
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers
Understanding PCI-DSS Compliance
Understanding Safe Practices of Social Media at Work

Medical Coding Training Bundle

Annual Revenue Cycle Compliance
Future of Revenue Cycle Compliance
Healthcare Fraud, Waste, Abuse Awareness
ICD-10-CM Best Practices for Family Practice
ICD-10-CM Best Practices for Mental Health
ICD-10-CM Best Practices for OB GYN
ICD-10-CM Best Practices for Orthopedics
ICD-10-CM Best Practices for Pediatrics.
Informed Consent
Red Flag Rules
Revenue Cycle Regs & Compliance Reviews
Revenue Cycle Regs & the OIG
Understanding Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) Program

Joint Commission Training Bundle

Culturally Competent Care: An Overview
Essentials of HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Employees
Multidrug-resistant Pathogens and Preventing Infection
Obstetrical Safety Issues and Preventing Infant Abduction
Patient Safety for Ambulatory Care Centers
Preventing Falls in Healthcare Settings.
Recognizing Abuse and Violence
Reducing Violence and Suicide Risks in Mental Health
Strategies to Meet Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals
Training: Age-Specific Competencies and Patient Rights

Revenue Cycle Training Bundle

Anatomy of a 1500 Claim Form for Practitioner Offices
Critical Steps in Payer Identification for Practitioner Offices
Determining COB and MSP for Practitioner Offices
Introduction to Healthcare Coding Systems
Introduction to Revenue Cycle for Practitioner Offices
Medical Necessity and the ABN for Practitioner Offices
Overview of Collecting Patient Balances
Understanding the Revenue Cycle at Hospital-Owned Practitioner Offices.

Communication Skills Training Bundle

Essentials of Telephone Communication Skills
Keys to Professional Email Communication.
The Exceptional Patient Experience: 16 Rules to Live By
10 Principles of Positive Collaboration and Teamwork in Healthcare

Information Security Training Bundle

Cyber Security: How to Stay Safe Online,
Mobile Device Security
Remote Worker & Business Travel Security.
Workplace Security: What You Need to Know

Medical Billing Training Bundle

Assumptions, Presumptions and Misconceptions in Collections
Breaking Down Communication Barriers During Collection Process
Matching Communication Styles for Improved Collections
Quality Assurance Methods in the Collection Process
Strategies for Handling Objections to Payment
Three Keys to Effective Collection Communication
Triaging for Better Collections
Understanding the Stages of Patient Collections